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Hush, Hush Arc Giveaway!
August 13, 2009, 6:50 am
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I am happy to be here saying this but there is yet another Hush, Hush Arc giveaway! This time it’s over at Dog-eared and Well-read

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, here’s the cover and the summary of the book.

The last thing high school sophomore Nora Grey wanted was to be partnered with a total stranger in biology, especially when the segment is on human anatomy and sexuality. But Patch, her biology partner, is fascinatingly intriguing, very attractive…and has a way of unnerving Nora in all the ways she never wanted to be unnerved. Nora knows that Patch is dangerous, and that she should probably stay away from him—especially after she suspects him of being the masked stalker who seems to be trying to kill her—but their paths keep on crossing, and she can’t deny the connection that she feels with him.

However, Nora doesn’t know that she’s about to become a pawn in a dangerous game that may end her life. For Patch is a fallen angel, one whose wings were ripped off for disobedience. He wants to become human, and that requires a particular female sacrifice. But that’s not all. Others are also out for Nora’s blood, and against her will Nora feels that Patch might be the only one who can save her, as dangerous as he himself is for her…
I wish everyone who enters luck and if you don’t enter, keep your fingers crossed for me because I really really want this book!

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Good Luck!!!!

Have you ever received an ARC before? Me, never. But one of these days…….

Comment by junebugger


I have never received an ARC, so if I get this I will probably die. I have the worst luck in the world and I really can’t remember the last time I actually won anything.

Comment by raven

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