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Long Term Goals
July 28, 2009, 4:36 pm
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It’s always good to look forward to the future. That said, it’s good to know where your story is going to start and how it’s going to end.

I mind wrote yesterday, especially since I had no paper or pencils and I was far from my computer. It was torture, but mind-writing is the next best thing, I suppose.

I want to do so much with Before There Were Swans.

It’s often that I think of the short term goals, like finishing a chapter or establishing a believable and likable yet different heroin.

My long term goal, I guess, would be to get past four chapters, because I’ve never gotten past the fourth chapter in anything except for The  Jane Effect, but still.

That’s about it. As long as I can get pass the fourth chapter, I suppose that’s good enough for me, for now.

Goals are kinda like milestones. Once I finish one, I’ll have another.

Well, I should get some writing done while I still have some computer time.


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I think you should post your chapters up on a site. I found the fact that there were readers out there reading my stuff, and encouraging me on, to be one of the reasons I kept writing on…but then there’s the whole plagiarism issue to consider

Comment by junebugger

I used to post a lot of my work on the internet. But for some reason I quit. YWS is the only place I trust to post my work though. There aren’t a lot of plagiarizers there, especially with all the administrators and moderators.

Comment by raven

And there’s also Authonomy. You can’t copy and paste there. But it’s so competative…

Comment by junebugger

ooo..I mind write at night, lol. No matter how long I sit in front of my computer or with a pen in hand, if nothing comes, nothing comes. But, the second I step away and go to bed all these ideas come flying out of no where and by then, I’m too tired to get up and go write it down. SO! I always have my cell phone next to me so I can text myself whatever I think of and save it as a draft…because no matter how much i try to remember, it’s all gone by the next morning.

Comment by priscillashay

Its because you’re sitting on them. All your ideas are trapped under your toosh and can’t come up. As soon as you stand up they’re FREE!!! and they pour into your head.

The solution?

Type standing up. ^^

Comment by uninvoked


Comment by junebugger

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